About Me

Thomas Mooneagle is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive reader, artist, healer, mesa carrier, teacher, and author. He's trained as an Usui Reiki Master, a Sifu of Southern Chinese Tai Chi, ordained as a Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, and initiated as a Fourth Level Andean Priest.

Thomas is versed in the shamanic practices of the mesa and core shamanism, as well as transformational consciousness technologies. He's taught workshops and lectured on various topics including: shamanic journeying, psychic protection, communicating with nature spirits, Chi Kung, the practical application of quantum physics, and the Tarot.

Additional training includes:

  • The sacred directions of the Medicine Wheel in the Andean Shamanistic tradition
  • Weather Shamanism
  • Two Year Program of Advanced Shamanic Initiation
  • The Munay-Ki rites
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Gateway Voyage Program at the Monroe Institute
  • Over 20 years of giving intuitive readings to people

He is the author of the book Drumming Down the Runes Walking the 24 Roads, and the co-creator of the Hemi-Sync album Cords of Light. Currently he resides in Louisville, Kentucky with clients worldwide. He writes weekly on his blog and regularly creates healing and transformational videos on his YouTube channel.


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